Here’s why you should be drinking alkaline water everyday!

Here’s why you should be drinking alkaline water everyday!

Do you suffer low energy, excess weight, aches and pains, fatigue, poor digestion, frequent colds and flus? Are you currently battling with a dis-ease?

For most people this will be a resounding yes, most likely indicating a body that is too acidic. To reach and maintain optimum health our blood, fluids and delicate tissues throughout our body must remain alkaline. This however is in a constant state of flux as practically every metabolic process in your body from breathing, to digestion, to the production of energy, all create acidic by-products. It does not help when we ingest an overly acidic diet (lots of grains, sugar and animal products) this puts an extra load on the bodies delicate balance. The common Aussie diet is around 90% acid forming and mineral deplete. The other problem is the water we drink, once it is filtered of nasties it becomes quite acidic.

 “If someone was to ask me what was the one thing I can do to have better health, the answer would be very simple – start drinking alkaline ionised water.”Dr Robert Young, PhD and best- selling author of ‘The pH Miracle.’

Probably one of the most serious implications of an overly acidic system is in your bodies ability to build bone. Too acidic pH<7.0 your body sacrifices bone for the calcium to buffer the bodies internal acid levels, on pH7.0 it maintains the bone levels you have and pH>7.4 it will start to build bone.

There are three issues which can individually or jointly result in your body becoming pH imbalanced and over acidic ie. pH<7.4. 

1. Ingestion of Acids (acidic diet) – making sure your diet is 80% alkaline food with plenty of fresh leafy greens will help dramatically

2. Creation of Acids (toxicity and stress) – reducing your exposure to chemicals and finding ways to help reduce your stress levels is important

3. Improper elimination of acids (mineral depletion) – drinking alkaline water everyday helps replace lost minerals and dramatically alkalise your body

So don’t wait for illness before you balance your bodies pH. Come into Go Vita Nowra and purchase an alkalising stainless steel drink bottle or on the tap system (removes fluoride as well) and get drinking alkaline water today. If you have any further questions on alkalising your body please don’t hesitate to drop in and ask our qualified Naturopaths in store.


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