Stop Experiencing Digestive Discomfort Today

Stop Experiencing Digestive Discomfort Today

Do you feel bloated and heavy after every meal? Do you suffer from heartburn and indigestion? Are you starting to react to everything you eat?

If you have said yes to any of the above questions then you most likely lack digestive enzymes.  Digestive enzymes play a vital role in our body.  They are responsible for the breakdown of all our food so that we can get all the nutrients required for health. Digestive enzymes have a direct correlation with your health, the higher the enzyme reserve the stronger our immune systems and vice versa. When food is not broken down properly due to lack of enzymes it usually ends up causing many digestive problems from indigestion to heartburn and leaky gut syndrome. Also allergies and food intolerances are directly linked in most cases to the bodies ability to breakdown food properly.

Unfortunately many things affect the levels of enzymes from stress to ill health.  It has been found that in acute illness levels of enzymes rise dramatically whilst in chronic conditions it is the opposite.  In stress situations the body turns off digestion (who wants to have a meal when a dinosaur is trying to eat us).  But our food itself affects the levels needed. Studies have shown that cooked food and heavily processed foods require very high levels of digestive enzymes as opposed to raw foods that contain most of the enzymes required themselves.

There are many types of supplemental enzymes available and we recommend microbial enzymes rather than animal derived, for the reasons listed below:

  1. Microbial enzymes are active in pH range of 3-9 (greater than animal derived which have a very narrow range and are also destroyed in low pH)
  2. Microbial enzymes exhibit activity throughout the digestive tract unlike animal derived which only work in specific zones

So why continue to put up with digestive discomfort when taking digestive enzymes each meal can gain great results.  Microbial enzymes come as capsules and we at Go Vita Nowra recommend a minimum dose of 1 with each meal.

If you have any further questions on digestive enzymes and their benefit for your health don’t hesitate to drop in and ask our qualified Naturopaths in store.

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