Green Lipped Mussel Eases Arthritis

Green Lipped Mussel Eases Arthritis

Are your joints painful and stiff? Do you have inflammation of the joints? Do you suffer from arthritis?

If you have said yes to any of the above questions then your joints are probably ready for a little help. We all know that arthritis arises from inflammation in the joint either due to autoimmune reasons or wear and tear. It is the ongoing inflammation that causes the pain and inability to move fully. Taking anti-inflammatories long term is one way to manage painful arthritis but unfortunately it will lead to damage of the stomach lining. Thankfully there are natural ways of managing inflammation that do not compromise your gut lining but may even protect it.

In the case of Green Lipped Muscle extract, not only does it reduce inflammation it also helps protect your joint from further damage due to it containing glycosaminoglycans (GAGS). GAGS are a major component of cartilage and synovial fluid in the joint. They aid the joint tissue by providing elasticity, flexibility, tensile strength and repair. It is noted that the severity of your arthritis is related to the loss of GAGS in and around the joint.

Three reasons to take Green Lipped Muscle for your arthritis

  1. helps reduce inflammation by inhibiting inflammatory biomarkers
  2. a study showed that 1g Green Lipped Muscle a day helped alleviate Rheumatoid Arthritis due to anti-inflammatory effect of Eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA) and joint protective factors (GAGS)
  3. Green Lipped Muscle can inhibit the ability of aspirin to cause peptic ulcers

So why continue to put up with painful arthritis when you could take something as simple as Green Lipped Muscle each day and gain great results.  Green Lipped Muscle comes as capsules and we at Go Vita Nowra recommend a minimum daily dose of  850mg from a cold physical extraction process (no heat treatment).

If you have any further questions on Green Lipped Muscle and its benefits for you don’t hesitate to drop in and ask our qualified Naturopaths in store.


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