Healthy Ice Cream Soda

Healthy ice cream soda

Healthy ice cream soda

Hello, my name is TaraRose!

I’m a Year 5 student at primary school and I love dancing and singing. At dancing I do Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Modern my favourite type is Tap.

One of my favourite jobs is to do gardening in my Mums veg patch. I love planting fresh fruit and veg and watching them grow until they are ready to eat.

This year  I have started cooking dinner for the family on a Friday night.  I enjoy cooking yummy and healthy meals for my family and friends, that’s why I’m writing a blog so you can cook the same healthy meals for your family and friends. I’ve grown up with Naturopaths as parents so I know lots of healthy tips of how to eat healthily and live a healthy organic lifestyle.

I am hoping I can help inspire other kids to cook and live healthy lifestyles too.


Ice Cream Soda

Over Summer I really really wanted to try an Ice Cream Soda. Mum was not keen on this as it is full of preservatives, food colouring and sugar which are bad for human bodies. So I came up with Red Mojo plus Zebra vanilla ice-cream.  Mojo is a fermented drink (from Kombucha) that is good for your tummy, red is raspberry and  I love everything raspberry. Zebra ice-cream is a coconut ice-cream that has no dairy , it’s creamy and you can’t taste the coconut, it’s to die for! It was so good! Mum also came up with a ginger syrup to make ginger beer  … recipe next time 🙂

1/2 glass of cold red Mojo
1 scoop of Zebra vanilla ice-cream
Put the Mojo in the glass first then carefully place ice-cream in (it will froth up be careful). Enjoy with a long straw/spoon.

(All ingredients and the straw/spoon came from Go Vita Nowra)


Love TaraRose xx