Power up your Heart today

Power up your Heart today

Do you suffer from heart disease of some form? Is there a family history of heart disease?  Do you feel lethargic? Is your body making enough energy from oxygen?

It appears that as we age, we lose the ability to manufacture and absorb sufficient levels of a nutrient called Co-enzyme Q 10.  The result is that our heart lacks the ability to source enough to energise its little powerhouses in the cells (mitochondria) which in turn leads to less energy production in the heart.  As you know your heart is like a battery, it powers the body all day and like your car the battery needs to be charged at all times to remain running at optimum level. So Co-Enzyme Q10 acts like a biological “battery charger”, it increases the hearts ability to produce energy from the oxygen you breath in each day.

Research shows us that as we age the levels of Co-enzyme Q10 decrease and with modern processing methods of food we no longer get enough from our food to keep up.  Our own body does produce some Co-enzyme Q10 but this starts to decline after the age of twenty.  It has been shown that elderly people have levels 50% lower than youth. If this isn’t bad enough some medications such as beta blockers, tricylic antidepressants and cholesterol lowering drugs interfere with production and function of Co-enzyme Q10 in the body.

Thankfully you can source Co-enzyme Q10 as a supplement.  There is a growing body of research to show that Vitamin E added to Co-enzyme Q10 has the ability to improve the efficiency of oxygen delivery to the powerhouses of the cells as well as increasing the antioxidant affect on free radicals.

5 reasons to take Co-enzyme Q10 daily

  1. 62% of heart disease patients are found deficient in Co-enzyme Q10
  2. Co-enzyme Q10 helps prevent free radical damage to the mitochondria (powerhouses of your cells)
  3. clinical study showed ability of supplemental Co-enzyme Q10 to improve the condition of 91% of heart attack patients within 30 days
  4. helps prevent clogging of arteries
  5. in Japan Co-enzyme Q10 is the fifth most prescribed drug for heart disease

So why take the risk of allowing your heart to not get enough energy when supplementing daily with 150mg Co-enzyme Q10 could make all the difference.  We at Go Vita recommend a daily dose of 150mg Co-enzyme Q10 with added 500IU of Vitamin E. Don’t wait for your heart to run out of energy, power it up now!!