Now available … a REAL total body detox

Now available … a REAL total body detox

Are you feeling sluggish and tired post the party season? Did you eat lots of rich and sugary foods over Xmas time? Have you been drinking too much alcohol? Is your diet high in animal products?


If you have said yes to any of the above questions then your body needs some Spring cleaning! Rich foods, animal products, alcohol and high sugar all cause stress on the bodies normal cleansing mechanisms, especially the liver and bowels. Going on some crazy diet like grapefruit juice will not aid your body but cause more distress. To detox properly all body systems must be addressed; liver, kidneys, lymphatic and bowels. Too often a detox is based on a powerful laxative and lets face it most people feel better after a good purge but the liver never gets any support and it is the organ who works the hardest everyday. You also cannot detox in three days, it took you maybe months if not years to get into this mess and three days will never get you out!


Total body detox is designed to last one month and addresses all body systems

  1. high dose St Marys Thistle to help repair, restore and revitalise your liver
  2. also contains gentle liver cleansing herbs dandelion root and turmeric
  3. contains traditional blood and bowel cleansers red clover, yellow dock and burdock
  4. fibre supplement included helps regulate bowel function thereby clearing waste from the body effectively
  5. contains NO harsh laxatives or diuretics
  6. chlorella is included, powerful agent in removing heavy metals from the body, also contains chlorophyll (natures natural internal deodorant)
  7. all capsules taken once a day making it easy to do

So make the decision to detox your body today and gain great results.  Total body detox comes as capsules and we at Go Vita Nowra recommend the monthly dose regime with a diet high in leafy greens, fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

If you have any further questions on total body detox and its benefits for you don’t hesitate to drop in and ask our qualified Naturopaths in store. Or if you are looking for  personal guidance in creating a healthy life, make a free half hour appointment with our Health Coach today and discuss how together you can reach your health and lifestyle goals.

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